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Upcoming Events at the Copernicus Center

Upcoming Events at the Copernicus Center

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10/24 + 10/25/2015

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Concerts, Cultural, and Community Events

Events are happening weekly at the Copernicus Center in Jefferson Park. Our fully restored 1930 style theater and loft style Annex provide Chicago with two unique concert venues with great acoustics for large or small performances. Regular community events and meetings are held in the Annex, Lobby, or Kings Hall. Our Classrooms host meetings, classes, and private parties on a regular basis. The Annex, Lobby & Kings Hall are increasing in popularity for wedding receptions.

BINGO & Raffle

Thursday Bingo:  Games begin - 7 pm ~ Doors 5pm

Click here For Saturday Bingo
Snacks & Beverages available both days
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Copernicus Center Annex ~~ 18 years & up only
Bingo Thursdays at Copernicus Center Play Bingo every week to benefit two great non-profits! The Chicago Coalition To Save Our Mental Health Centers, Bingo license # B-3790, invites you to play Bingo / Raffle at the Copernicus Center every Thursday evening.   Saturday's Bingo benefits the Institute for Community Empowerment (Bingo # B-03537). Doors open at 9am & play begins at 11am.  $5,198 in cash prizes will be given away each week, plus Pull-Tabs and other opportunities to win . Ample free parking and excellent public transportation are available. The Annex is a beautiful place to play and relax with friends.  It is located on the main level, has a separate entrance off of Lawrence Avenue, and is handicap accessible,
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The Chicago Reader named us "Best Bingo Night."  → Click HERE [/stylebox]


We have a variety of card & computer options: Computers start at just $35 and paper cards start at $15. ☼ The doors open at 5pm so players can buy their computers / card packages, get something to eat or drink, and purchase any of our raffle and "pull tab" tickets. These items are sold throughout the games.  ☼ Each week the full amount of prizes totals $5,198, with two big games at $1,199.Bingo | Chicago | Jackpot | Copernicus Center ☼ We also have a big jackpot game called "Wildstar."  The Jackpot is at $8600   (as of 9/17/2015) & increases $200 weekly.  The pot is rebuilt after each win.
The Wildstar Jackpot was won on 9-25-2014.  Congratulations to the 1st winner of $23,200 
  The Chicago Coalition To Save Our Mental Centers is a not-for-profit organization that has worked for 25 years to expanded mental health services for Chicago residents who most need them and can least afford them. You can support the work of the Coalition, by donating at this link For further information about the Coalition's work, or to volunteer to help the Coalition's efforts, please visit or call 773-545-7288.   Bingo - Thursday nights - Jefferson Park

Organizer & License: Chicago Coalition To Save Our Mental Health Centers -  license # B-3790

[stylebox type="info"]♥ The Copernicus Foundation is proud to provide underwriting of  the use of the Copernicus Center facilities for this event. ♥[/stylebox]

  Sharing Info: BINGO & Raffle ~~ EVERY THURSDAY at Copernicus Center ~ Benefits the Chicago Coalition To Save Our Mental Health Centers - license # B-3790

Ready for College Informational Session

Ready for College Informational Session

10/20/2015  ~~  6 -8 PM Doors Open: 5.30 PM  ~~  All Ages Welcome Chicago, Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, college information, Copernicus Center, CPS, education counseling, PAA, polskie imprezy, ready for college, WydarzeniaFree event 

The Career Center of the Polish American Association invites you to attend a free Information Session: Ready for College The presentation will be conducted by a Polish speaking counselor from Chicago Public Schools. It will cover the following topics:
  • Requirements and deadlines
  • Community college vs. University
  • Priorities in choosing school based on availability of majors
  • Transfer credits between colleges
  • Forms of financial aid (scholarships, loans)
The session will take place on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 6:00 pm at the Copernicus Center located at 5216 W. Lawrence.


Opis Wydarzenia:

Centrum Kariery Związku Polsko-Amerykańskiego zaprasza Państwo do wzięcia udziału w tej darmowej, informacyjnej sesji, zatytułowanej: Gotów na studia. Prezentacja zostanie przeprowadzona przez polskojęzycznego doradcę z Chicago Public Schools. Prezentacja będzie zawierać następujące tematy:
  •  Wymagania oraz terminy
  •  Community college vs. Uniwersytet
  •  priorytety związane z wyborem szkoły, ze względu na dostępność kierunków.
  •  transferowanie kredytów, zaliczeń oraz klas z jednej szkoły do drugiej.
  •  formy pomocy finansowej (stypendia, pożyczki.
Sesja odbędzie się we wtorek, 20 października o 6pm w Copernicus Center, mieszczącym się przy 5216 W. Lawrence Ave. For more information about this event please call 773-282-1122 ext. 414 Polish American Association (PAA) Website [stylebox type="info"]This session is sponsored by the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership and by the Copernicus Foundation. Equal opportunity Employer/Program[/stylebox]

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Christmas Market VENDORS Wanted

Christmas Market VENDORS Wanted

12/13/2015Vendors wanted, Christmas Market, Chicago, Copernicus Center, Christmas Market vendors wanted Niedziela, 13 grudnia  

  Each year the Copernicus Center (Foundation) hosts MAGICZNE ŚWIĘTA, [The Magic of Christmas].  Along with wonderful theater performances, a Christmas Market is available in our Lobby and Annex. Christmas Market Vendors are wanted & recruited annually.
To participate in this year's Christmas Market:
  • Phone inquiries: 773-777-8898 ext. 102
Fee:  $50 for 9' x 9' space [two 6' x 30" tables]
The Christmas Market is from 1 to 6 pm. 
NOTE: Be sure to provide your business website link to our office staff.

All ticket sales from this event are donated by the Copernicus Foundation to the performing arts groups to keep art and heritage alive amongst our youth.

MAGICZNE ŚWIĘTA, [The Magic of Christmas] CLICK HERE for full performance information

Polskie MAGICZNE ŚWIĘTA 2015 – Wielki Świąteczny Festiwal Rodzinny już po raz piąty w Copernicus Center. Niedziela, 13 grudnia, od 1 – 5 po południu Pierwsza gwiazdka, Wigilia, choinka i kolęda – do tego muzyka, taniec i kolędnicy z gwiazdą – polskie tradycje odżyją na scenie Copernicusa, a z nimi powrόci niepowtarzalny nastrόj polskich świąt. Polskie święta mają także niepowtarzalne smaki i zapachy – w festiwalowej kuchni znajdą się świąteczne tradycyjne przysmaki – prosto ze „Staropolskiej”, pyszne i pięknie zdobione świąteczne pierniki i mazurki – z Oak Mill Bakery, kompot z suszonych owocόw i wspaniały grzaniec na polskim miodzie wg najstarszej polskiej receptury. Pamiątkowe zdjęcia z Mikołajem, tradycyjne choinkowe ozdoby i prezenty – wiele zabawy i radości dla każdego!